Ivan Kvis from The Crisis in the Czech Republic is the first person in the world capable of measuring the crisis

The Crisis in the Czech Republic magazine is the first one in the world to bring you a unique service – crisismeter. By looking at the right upper corner of the web page, it is possible to check whether the crisis in our country still exists and in case it does it is possible to find out to what extent the crisis influences our country inhabitants’ lives.

Crisismeter – a new word of the Czech origin

Ivan Kvis enlarged the Czech language by coming up with a new word that is not, after a long period, borrowed from English – crisismeter.  The translation of this word is believed to be used worldwide in future. Preceded by words robot and tunneling, it is going to be the next contribution to world languages coming from Czech.

How is the crisis strength calculation carried out

The level of the current strength of crisis is measured by a complicated calculation of several thousands variables from all the fields of human activities. For the time being, the crisis strength is determined by assessment.

A unit of crisis strength measurement is 1 kvis

The basic unit of crisis strength is 1 kvis. I have decided to name the unit after myself. I personally think that kvis sounds very good.

The crisismeter scale

There are seven degrees on the crisismeter scale, in the process level 0 means that the crisis is not existing, not even in the faintest breath (Within the original suggestion, I have considered the idea of not placing level 0 on the scale at all).

The crisis strength 7 kvises would mean an utter end

7 kvises subsequently means that the crisis is in its biggest expansion. However, it is probable that the strength mentioned above will never be seen on your screen, because by then the internet is not going to work any more. Nevertheless, the fact that you will never see level zero is even more probable.

The prognosis of maximum crisis strength

The crisis strength 7 kvises, if it is ever going to happen, is expected at earliest in Christmas time 2012.

Crisismeter prototype

A paper prototype. I use this way when writing articles and when working with graphics as well. At first, I write everything on the paper and only then I process it on the computer. By this method it is granted that nothing is going to be ruined on the computer.

The crisis strength according to readers – survey

What crisis strength is topical in the World right now?

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